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Other Things Cleaned Out Of The USF Basketball Offices This Week


Greg Auman was in the Sun Dome on Wednesday and tweeted this picture. It's a pile of things that were in the USF basketball offices and need to be moved out of the Dome so it can be renovated. Then it will all presumably find its way into the Muma Center when it opens in a few months.

It's kind of a grainy picture, though -- camera phones don't always give you a clear picture in low light. Fortunately, our crack research team at Voodoo Five Labs was able to analyze the photo and give us a complete list of the items in this collection:

-- Two Florida Four trophies

-- The 1990 Sun Belt Conference tournament championship trophy

-- Two NCAA Tournament plaques

-- Various pieces of office furniture

-- A chair that Federico Peruzzo held to 16 points and 11 rebounds in an intrasquad scrimmage in 1997

-- Reggie Kohn's trick shins

-- A jar of Andrrikk Frazier's leftover hair product

-- Delbert Alvarado's "Put Your Horns Up" gold record from 2007 (no, seriously, there's a gold record in that picture)

-- Little bags filled with... oregano? (the lab didn't give us a clear indicator on that one)

-- Unexploded fireworks from when they blew up stuff after dunks

-- Transcripts of Ken's old blog

-- Transcripts of Gary's old blog

-- Transcripts of Toro's Oracle columns with select passages highlighted for easy reference during angry follow-up calls

-- 2009 WNIT championship trophy

-- Unused plane tickets for 120 people from Tampa to Honolulu, dated December 19, 2002

-- Dozens of new-in-box debit card readers for the concession stands

-- Chris Capko's facemask

-- Mike Bernard's facemask

-- The master tape of this commercial:

-- A rack of garish sweaters the staff hid from Bobby Paschal so he wouldn't wear them again

-- One of Lee Rose's polyester sport coats that partially combusted during an intense game against South Alabama in 1982

-- Dimpled pieces of the court that had to be replaced after Nigel Dixon played there

-- Robin Roberts' 1952 NL MVP runner-up award

-- David Adler. Just... David Adler.

-- Marlyn Bryant's mini trampoline

-- A commemorative plaque awarded to B.B. Waldon on the occasion of his 1000th missed free throw

-- The fake C-USA championship trophy that someone from The Bulls Pen was going to give to Jim Leavitt after the 2002 season if he hadn't given himself a long-term loan with the money

-- A box of "Seth's 6th Man" T-shirts

-- A UAB floor mat

-- Seth Greenberg's NIT Lifetime Achievement Award


Of course, if we've missed anything, you'll let us know in the comments, right?