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Now that the dust as settled a bit and the anger has subsided. Let’s talk about USFs future. The next round of realignment will be the last for college football. As the gap grows between the haves and have nots the gap will grow too wide.

USF past admin has failed athletics program. blame lands squarely on mark harlan, woolard and genshaft for squandering a prime opportunity time and time again

That brings me to next steps. USF now should be one of the premier programs in the AAC with Memphis and SMU. The big 12 will want to expend to compete with SEC and BiG. With Kelly in charge I have some faith that we can get this going. Now is the time fans should rally behind the program. We need a OCS now or never. Hell if I was in charge I would call it the now or never funding campaign ( feel free to use that Kelly)

We need to be the UCF and Cincinnati of the G5. Build and sustain success and gain national relevance. And at a minimum have facilities that match those of the schools invited to the BiG12. There is a path we need to mimic what they did

The Big12 will be one of the last raft boats out of the G5. And we have location, university size and past cache to help doesn’t hurt that the WAR I4 could be a premium rivalries

Time to pick up the pieces and build. If we miss the next round no coming back.

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