USF a 23.5 point underdog against Cincinnati

It's been another down year for USF. Still, they have a chance play spoilers. With a game against Cincinnati tonight, USF has the chance to end a Cinderella's dream.

Nobody expects USF to compete in this game, but the same was true of Cincy's last two games. Then Navy and Tulsa put up a fight and nearly pulled off masssive upsets. If they can do it, why can't USF put up a fight of there own. After all, there's nothing more dangerous than a team with nothing to play for except their pride.


Oddsmakers are predictably down on USF. The Bulls are 23.5 point underdogs, and they're given +1125 odds to win the game outright. That's an implied 8.2% chance to pull off the upset. Meanwhile, Cincy is given -1902 odds, or an implied 95.2% to win the game.

Matchup History

USF and Cincy have played 18 times in their history. USF has won 7 of those games, and recent history has not been kind to them.

Cincy has won the last 3 games that these teams played. However, their 2019 encounter, a home game for USF, was a close 20-17 affair. In fact, only 3 times has a Cincy v. USF game held in Tampa not been decided by one score.


USF is dangerous tonight. The same was true of Tulsa and Navy the last two week for Cincy, and it was true for Kansas against Oklahoma. Nothing should scare a good team more than a team with nothing to lose. Right now, that's what USF is. So don't be shocked if USF makes a game out of this tonight.

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