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NCAA Tournament Bubble Watch, March 10

With USF sitting right on the bubble, we will do a daily rundown of fellow bubble teams and see who to root for each night. We originally said we would do this "until USF is completely out of the picture or achieves lock status", but neither of those things is happening now. We're livin' on the edge, baby.

USF once again got a pretty-good-but-not-quite-perfect set of results in other games on Friday. Let's catch you up, and tell you what results to hope for in today's action:

Marshall vs Memphis, 11:35 AM

Who you should have rooted for, since Memphis leads by 19 with 6 minutes to play: Memphis

Marshall upset Southern Miss in the semi-finals, giving them a chance to swipe a bid today. They're also getting some late bubble buzz. I think it's too little too late, but you never know how much the Selection Committee's ranking of the candidates differs from the consensus. Marshall's semifinal win creates one more team for us to worry about.

North Carolina vs North Carolina State, 1:00 PM

Who to root for: North Carolina

NC State's win over Virginia boosted their bubble profile. We don't want them boosting it any more.

Xavier vs St. Louis, 3:30 PM

Who to root for: St. Louis, maybe

This one's a little nuanced.

Xavier is still somewhat of a bubble team, though they're a pretty solid one. The real problem in the Atlantic 10 is the final, where the winner of this game will face a bid-stealer in St. Bonaventure (who wrecked St. Joseph's at-large candidacy) or Massachusetts (who took down Temple). It's more important that the winner of the XU-SLU game also win the A-10 final tomorrow. So if you think Xavier is better equipped to do that, knock yourself out.

Mississippi vs Vanderbilt, 3:30 PM

Who to root for: Vanderbilt

Ole Miss is pretty far down the consensus bubble, but they can force their way in with a win here. They did do the world a favor by knocking off Tennessee, a team the sports media seemed to be rooting for to make a run. Now USF needs the Rebels to go away, or they might get into the bubble picture.

Colorado vs Arizona, 6:00 PM

Who to root for: Arizona

Arizona has a chance of getting an at-large bid if they lose this game. Colorado does not. Therefore we want Arizona to win.

And despite this being a bid thief game, the Pac-12 worked out pretty well for USF's hopes. The winner of this game will be a surprise NCAA entrant, but in getting there severely damaged the at-large hopes of Oregon and Washington. So it might be just swapping one Pac-12 team for another. What we don't want to see is a third Pac-12 team getting in after California and the winner of this game.

Santa Barbara vs Long Beach State, 10:00 PM

Who to root for: Long Beach State

This is the Big West tournament championship game. LBSU could be an at-large candidate if they lose it.