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How To Fill Our Your Bracket With USF In The Field

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Normally I'm pretty good with picking out my bracket. I almost never let my emotions sway my picks and I normally end up in the Top 10% of my tourney pools.

But this year is different. There are the letters USF sitting right there in the Midwest Region for all to see and its something that none of us has had to deal with before. Now there are a couple of ways you can go about this:

You can be reasonable in knowing that USF has a tough bracket to crack through. Sure Cal, Temple, and Michigan look vulnerable and the Bulls can make an extended run, but North Carolina and certain doom looms after that in the Sweet 16. USF would be able to nab you a few points that most everyone will overlook, and you will be that much closer to winning your office pool and the great trophy/gift card/bragging rights that go with it.


You can be an absolute homer and send USF to NCAA glory, winning the tournament and having Stan Heath and the rest of the Bulls cut down the nets. I would not fault you for this, and to be honest this will be the way I go about things this year. Will you win your tourney pool? Probably not. But let's face it, there haven't been many times where you can have the opportunity to pick USF in the tournament. Let's enjoy the ride and see if we can complete #TheQuestFor27.

Its a tough choice, but then again is it? I'll see you guys at the bottom of the standings this year.


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