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Stampeding The 2014 USF Football Roster - #98 DE Mike Love

We are kicking off 2014 Stampede with a touch of love. However, it's not all we need this year.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the 2014 Stampede through the USF Football roster. Every day until USF's first game against the Western Carolina Catamounts, we give you a brief look at a member of the USF football team, counting down from #98 to #2. Because there is no #1 yet. How ironic.

First up is a guy who isn't as skinny as when he arrived at campus last season.

#98 DE Mike Love
Redshirt Freshman, 6'2", 242 lbs.

Stats in 2013: Love didn't play last season and received a redshirt.

Where was he on the 2013 Depth Chart: Didn't play. (Note: Spring depth charts were about as covert as Operation Neptune Spear. Ideally, we'll get more info on players throughout the summer.)

How did he come to USF: From Countryside High School in Clearwater. After starting for three years, he was an all-Suncoast performer his senior season. He selected USF over offers from Arizona, Cincinnati, Marshall, and Temple.

Recruiting Rankings: Love was a three-star recruit on Rivals and ESPN, and two-stars on 247.

Projected Playing Time In 2014: Given that he redshirted last year, he probably won't see a ton of playing time. But at 242 lbs., he's put on 32 lbs. since he arrived at USF. He now looks like a football player instead of a gangly teen. He's big enough now that he wouldn't look out of place on the USF line. And with Aaron Lynch and Ryne Giddins moving on to the NFL, the opportunity is there if Love can make an impact this summer.

Fun Fact: He shares the name of a founding Beach Boy.