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The Voodoo Five Funeral. Save The Date: August 28th, 6-9 p.m. at Irish 31.

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The ritual will take place the Thursday before the first football game. Get your kindling ready.

Irish 31

It's time to start rounding up your McNeese State game programs as well as your autographed Randy Edsall pictures, the Voodoo Five USF Funeral is less than two months away!!

We'll be LIVE at Irish 31 (owned by former USF Football player Jay Mize) in the Hyde Park Village on August 28th at 6 p.m. More details are forthcoming, including the food and beer/booze specials we'll have for you. We'll also have live music, some USF celebrities, and of course a Voodoo Priestess that will take away the curse from USF Athletics forever. No pressure, Priestess.

If you're interested in being a sponsor, please shoot me an email at voodoo5blog at gmail dot com. We'd love for as many people in the USF community to be involved as possible, including business partners and everyone from student groups to great community organizations.

We've also put together a Facebook event for this, so let us know you're coming and use it to invite your friends and fellow Bulls. Also use the comments below if you've got any questions you need answered.

Thanks so much to Melissa and Jay at Irish 31 for partnering with us on this. If you haven't been to Irish 31 before, it's a great bar to watch a game or get some pot pie bites (seriously, those things are fantastic). There's tons of parking in the garage right across the street, and the staff are friendly and fun while they bring you another glass of their rather delicious Irish 31 Red Ale. You should be hanging out there even when we're not throwing the best event in the history of preseason USF events run by blogs.

But on Aug. 28th, you're really going to want to be there. Bring your burnables. Tell your friends. Let's make this wake a party.