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Only Kofi Amichia Days Until USF Football

This big, fast Georgia product is on the rise, but his path to the top of the depth chart will be disrupted by incoming transfers in August.

#75 Offensive Tackle Kofi Amichia
Junior, 6'4", 290 lbs.

Stats in 2014: Amichia saw a little bit of action against East Carolina and Wisconsin and worked his way up to starting right tackle for the Memphis and UCF games.

Spot on Preseason Depth Chart: Starting left tackle above Benjamin Knox.

How He Came to USF: From McEachern High School in Powder Springs, Georgia, which is in the Atlanta area. Amichia also had offers from Georgia Tech, Cincinnati, Indiana, UCF and Western Kentucky. Amichia committed to USF before his senior season started and stuck with the Bulls despite continued interest from other schools.

Recruiting Rankings: Everyone gave Amichia three stars.

Projected Playing Time: With Reilly Gibbons ruled eligible, Amichia's starting spot at left tackle is in danger, to say the least. Amichia is an upperclassman with some real experience, and he hasn't done anything to lose the left tackle job, but Gibbons is the more talented player. Amichia has practiced every position on the line, including center, so he could be used anywhere when fall camp starts up. Glen Bethel will also compete for a spot on the line this fall, so Amichia may even drop to second string. Assuming Gibbons starts at left tackle, my guess is that Amichia will beat Bethel out for the right tackle position because Bethel will be new to the playbook.

Fun Fact: Amichia's Ghanaian parents followed a tradition of naming children according to the day of the week on which they are born, which is common in Ghana. He is named Kofi because he was born on a Friday. Ghanaian former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has the same first name for the same reason.

Highlights: This reel from high school shows that Amichia was basically a wall against defenders and has the skills to pull and hustle.