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Potential USF Football Coaching Candidates: Rich Bisaccia

Got problems with the local media? Hire their pet candidate!

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In every coaching search, there’s always somebody suggesting ridiculous candidates for the job. Instead of waiting for those wack ideas to come to us, we’re being proactive and bringing our wack ideas to you.

Rich Bisaccia (current job: special teams coordinator, Dallas Cowboys)

The last time USF’s job came open, a very large member of the local media openly pined for Bisaccia on his radio show. He wanted USF to hire a guy that hadn’t recruited anyone in over a decade. Possibly never in the history of Tampa Bay sports has there been a more shameless and public ploy to stump for someone who clearly has been a friend and/or source to the person doing the stumping.

Now: USF certainly has its challenges with local coverage. They believe they don’t get a fair shake from the local hacks or on TV. So who cares if a guy hasn’t worked in the college game since 2002 (minus a one-month stint at Auburn in which he begged out of his contract to go back to the NFL), had never been a coordinator in 17 years on campuses, or progressed beyond special teams at the pro level in 14 years... you’ll make the local media so much happier! And you’ll get better coverage of your team!

Rich Bisaccia would be a perfect fit because he would be nice to the media folks covering the team. It’s an area where his predecessor, Willie Taggart, sometimes struggled. Sure he took a 2-10 team and turned them into a 10-2 team, but he often played coy with the press pool. You can solve that problem instantly by getting a guy that clearly makes friends!

Sure USF’s offense has become a thing, but you know what people really buy tickets to watch? Punt coverage. #BisacciaForTheBulls.