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Five Question Friday: Let's Commence Arguing

We've decided to take each Friday and throw open the comments. DISCUSS!

Since we're back, we want to involve our oft-brilliant and gif-and-emoji genius commenters as much as we can. So every Friday we're going to throw five questions out there for you to answer in the comments. Some will be USF related, and some will be ridiculous and stupid and totally off-topic. But let's just have some fun.

1. With the success of football last season, did you buy more season tickets or donate more money to the Bulls Club than you did the year before?

2. Do you like the Spring Game being on campus, or do you wish it would go back to Ray Jay?

3. Judy Genshaft 16 years in: Discuss.

4. What's your favorite non-football or basketball sport at USF?

5. What's the best meal you've had in Tampa?

Linda Richman