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Five Question Friday

A collection of questions asked of our readers each Friday.

Five Question Friday: The New Season Edition

Happy Football Everyone!

Five Question Friday: Collapse Edition

"I think we competed," Skip Cooper.

Five Question Friday: Secondhand Pop Culture Edition

Asking about your favorite covers, remakes, and reruns today.

Five Question Friday: Dubious Athletic Achievements Edition

Let’s talk about our best athletic efforts (that still aren’t that impressive).

Five Question Friday - Someone Come Get Lavar Ball Edition

Seriously tho, what’s his deal.

Five Question Friday: FAILHORN Edition

More tales of woe and (hopefully) comedy.

Five Question Friday: RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES Edition

If by “ripped from the headlines” you mean “stuff on this blog and our social calendar.”

Five Question Friday: Everything’s Not Terrible Edition

Finding the little bits of wheat in giant piles of chaff.

Five Question Friday: The Slack Files

Asking you the questions we sometimes ask ourselves.

Five Question Friday: April Fools Pre-Edition

Practical jokes gone right and wrong today.

Five Question Friday: High Society Edition

Let’s get our pretend culture on.

Five Question Friday: Dirtbag Behavior Edition #1

The first of what will probably be many 5QFs about our true, horrible selves.

Five Question Friday: Hot Take Special Edition

Let’s all get loud and unpopular today.

Five Question Friday: You’re The Worst

Feel the hate flow through you today.

Five Question Friday: The Exercise Edition

Come hit the 5QF gym with us today.

Five Question Friday: Superstition Edition

On this Friday the 13th, some questions about luck, phobias, and the fickle finger of fate.

Five Question Friday: Deep Freeze Edition

Today’s questions are snow picnic.

Five Question Friday: The Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot Edition

With USF’s season in the history books, some of today’s five questions look back at this memorable season. The rest look forward to this weekend.

Five Question Friday: The Holiday Edition

Beat the rush and don’t wait until the last minute to answer this week’s questions.

Five Question Friday: Party Down

The Bulls Block Party is tomorrow. Let's get ready for it by talking about parties today.

Five Question Friday: The Soccer Edition

Yep, we're those people. Get out your scarves and footy shirts for today's questions.

Five Questions Friday - Cocktails, Hate, and Billboards

Drinking (huzzah!), hating (huzzah!), out of place ads (huzzah?)

Five Question Friday - Disney, Skipped Songs, and Hipster Stuff

Sorry about missing last week - let’s get this going early today.

Five Question Friday: Fun and Games (and Pokemon)

Today we're asking about games. Yes, that game too.

Five Question Friday: Live From Tampa

In which we ask how 813 are you?

Five Question Friday: Better Late Than Never

Today we’re asking about procrastination, USF events you’d like to change, and more.

Five Question Friday: Brain Freeze!

Today we want to know about ice cream, shoes, and love turning you into an idiot.

Five Question Friday: The Cruel Summer Edition

Sorry this is late. The heat got to us already.

Five Question Friday: It's Like Rain On Your Wedding Day

Today we're asking about weddings, beaches, bad weather, and more.

Five Question Friday: The Press Box Edition

Baseball games are great for random discussions, especially during blowouts. Here's a few things that we've talked about over the last few days.

Five Question Friday: The Travel Edition

Pack your bags for this week's answers and questions.

Five Question Friday: Podcasts, Food, C. Florida

We ask all the important questions for this week's 5QF, including what to do if the Poisoned Chalice of Conference Realignment was presented to you.


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