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Five Question Friday: RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES Edition

If by “ripped from the headlines” you mean “stuff on this blog and our social calendar.”

Horse Racing: 142nd Kentucky Derby Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

OK, not really. This is about the tamest set of "ripped from the headlines" questions we could possibly ask. But there have been some things happening and some events on the calendar this weekend that we thought would be fun to ask about.

SPOILER: None of them are about Cinco de Mayo!

  1. What is your fondest graduation memory? It can be from your own graduation, or someone else's.
  2. Have you ever been to a horse race? Anything interesting happen?
  3. Tell us about an interesting experience you have had with the legal system.
  4. What's the worst thing that has happened while gardening or tending to your yard?
  5. Which Star Wars movie is your favorite? When binge watching, are there any you skip completely? Do you follow the Machete order or just go straight through I to VII?

P.S. You would not believe how many pictures under the category “Kentucky Derby” are just horses trotting down the track and ladies in ridiculous hats. Actually, you probably would.