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Five Question Friday: Better Late Than Never

Today we’re asking about procrastination, USF events you’d like to change, and more.

Paris Famous Clocks Photo by Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images

As of this minute, Collin has no electricity at his place, so I am hastily posting this week’s questions. No electricity means no air conditioning. Everyone pray for him.

The second question may or may not be based on things happening at the University of Miami today. The fourth question is basically a ripoff of Ryan Smith’s Twitter poll yesterday:

1. When was a time you showed up late for something and it was actually a good thing?

2. You are a college athlete and a booster wants to buy you a car. You need a car, but you also want to avoid suspicion and stay eligible. What car do you ask for?

3. What is your favorite potato chip?

4. Other than Rutgers 2007, what USF sporting event do you most want to change the outcome?

5. Are you the first person in your family to have done something? What is it?