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Five Question Friday: FAILHORN Edition

More tales of woe and (hopefully) comedy.

Olympics: Track and Field Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I know I often go to questions about fails and mistakes and embarrassing moments. But they’re fun! They make us all relatable and human instead of inch-perfect, like people try to be online. And most of you don’t have your real names hanging out here, so it’s not so hard to really let loose and tell a great story.

Back to the well today. Yes, I stole the third question from Drew Magary’s mailbag and tacked on a bit from Jamboroo. Deal with it.

  1. What was your biggest calamity in a job interview? Have you ever screwed up one particular thing so badly that you know that's the reason you didn't get the job?
  2. What was your least graceful sports moment ever?
  3. Do you have any hookup fail stories? Bonus points if they include ill-timed bodily functions.
  4. What is the most valuable thing you have ever broken? (Cars don't count unless it was a really nice car and/or not yours.)
  5. What was your biggest holiday fail? Ever given someone a horrible gift that they immediately hated?