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Five Question Friday: A C. Florida Sophie's Choice, Podcasts, and Delicious Chain Restaurant Dining!

We ask all the important questions for this week's 5QF, including what to do if the Poisoned Chalice of Conference Realignment was presented to you.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

We might make you think a bit more than usual this week... especially with Question #1.

1. Congratulations! You've been granted one free admission to the Big XII! Now, it is your choice: allow C. Florida to join with you, or no?

2. What's your favorite podcast besides The Unnamed USF Podcast?

3. What is your most beloved piece of USF memorabilia?

4. Now that Tampa has Wawa, Portillo's, Fuzzy's Tacos, Culver's... what's the one restaurant chain from another place the city is missing that you'd love to see added?

5. If you could move to any country in the world where you'd have a job and a nice income, which one would you choose?