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Five Question Friday: Fun and Games (and Pokemon GO)

Today we're asking about games. Yes, that game too.

Carl Court/Getty Images

I usually write these questions the night before they get published, so I was pretty upset when Pokemon GO really took off last Friday and I had already asked a bunch of dumb questions about boats and stuff. Thank you, all you crazy people running all over the place and trying to catch them all for the entire last seven days. We're also asking about some other games people play.

Answers in the comments. Let's nerd out.

1. What was your favorite game in elementary school phys ed class?

2. What is your best bar game?

3. You probably know Nintendo is releasing a mini NES console with games preloaded on it this fall. Here's the list of games - any you would have rather had (besides Tecmo Super Bowl)? Do you want to buy one?

4. What was the last board game you played?

5. OK, be honest. Are you playing Pokemon GO? How are you doing so far? Have you done anything dumb or reckless trying to catch one, or seen someone else doing it?