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Five Question Friday: The Cruel Summer Edition

Sorry this is late. The heat got to us already.

David McNew/Getty Images

Now that the USF sports season will end at 8:30 p.m. today after Matthew O'Neal competes for a national championship in the triple jump, it's time to get to work how you survive the summer. Many of you are in Florida, and summer here can be... challenging.

1. How do you get your USF fix over the summer? Watch old game tapes? Recruiting coverage?

2. Favorite spot to head for summer vacation?

3. Willie Taggart challenged everyone at his events this week to help find five new season ticket holders. Have you added anyone to the rolls for 2016 so far?

4. What normal activities do you NOT complete over the summer because it's too blisteringly hot?

5. MLB Baseball. Do you care? A little or a lot?