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Five Question Friday: It's Like Rain On Your Wedding Day

Today we're asking about weddings, beaches, bad weather, and more.

Queen And Duke Of Edinburgh Celebrate Diamond Wedding Anniversary Photo by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

Collin really rubbed it in all our faces on Twitter about spending yesterday on the beach.

He also attended or crashed a wedding:

Real nice day for him.

Meanwhile in Dallas, it's been raining every time I've gone outside for about a week straight. Everything is starting to flood. Our dogs are tired of doing their business on muddy, squishy grass -- I have to pick them up and drop them on their patch to get them there. And I'm pretty sure my office got hit by lightning the other day. It's been just like Collin's day on the beach, except the opposite.

So with these two polar opposites in mind, here are the Five Questions.

1. When was the last wedding you attended? What was the most memorable part?

2. Which beach have you most recently visited? Any reason you went to that particular beach?

3. What's the worst weather you've ever been outside in for any length of time? (This doesn't have to be for a sporting event, just in general.)

4. Was there a class you took at USF that turned out to be much more interesting or useful than you thought it would be when you registered?

5. OK soccer fans, who you got in Copa America?