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Five Question Friday: The Press Box Edition

Baseball games are great for random discussions, especially during blowouts. Here's a few things that we've talked about over the last few days.

Cheese Steaks at Bright House Field in Clearwater

We've been watching a ton of baseball in Clearwater the last few days, which got us talking about lots of random stuff. The following questions are culled from random press box, GChat, and DM discussions during the 2016 American Conference Baseball Championships.

1. Most of us went to college between Fowler Ave. and Fletcher Ave. in North Tampa, a monument to the power of urban sprawl. If you could do it over again, and academia or majors weren't a consideration, where would you go to school?

2. You've seen the five-year Strategic Plan laid out by Mark Harlan and USF Athletics. What say you? What do you like and dislike in there?

3. The Lightning seven'ed out last night, but what teams that you've rooted for have won the big championship in their sport?

4. What's the best free food you've ever eaten?

5. If beer was served at a reasonable price at USF Olympic sporting events, would you go to more games? Is good food, concessions, or alcohol ever a consideration when deciding if you're going to a game or not?