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Five Questions Friday - Cocktails, Hate, and Billboards

Drinking (huzzah!), hate (huzzah!), and out of place billboards (huzzah?)

Valerie Macon/Getty Images

The 2016-2017 USF sports season got underway with the first football practice of the year at the old practice fields yesterday. So, naturally, I'm not going to talk about it at all.

1. What's your go-to cocktail?

2. Who's the most famous person to have been born/died on your birthday?

3. What sports team do you hate for no reason at all?

4. What's the best/worst college town you've ever visited? (excluding Tampa, which is clearly the best #BigXIIExpansionReference)

5. What's the strangest billboard you've ever seen?

Preface for #5: Driving north on 41, I noticed a billboard today that said "Congrats Sly Stallone. Rocky, Creed, Rambo, Expendables. USA." I was previously unaware of the fact the Italian Stallion was so important that someone needed to spend their hard-earned money to thank Sly for existing.

*update: on the same billboard, it also says "thank you for making us men." I noticed this while driving home from USF today.