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Five Question Friday: Party Down

The Bulls Block Party is tomorrow. Let's get ready for it by talking about parties today.

Chris Hondros/Getty Images

The USF Alumni Association is throwing a great big freaking party in Ybor tomorrow. You can still get tickets to join the fun - click on the link to find out more.

In honor of this afternoon of drinking and debauchery DAY OF CAMARADERIE AND FRIENDSHIP WITH YOUR FELLOW BULLS BECAUSE THIS IS CERTAINLY NOT A PUB CRAWL NOPE NO WAY, this week's questions are about your favorite (or most hated) party memories.

1. Drinking and driving is very bad. So, Lyft/Uber: greatest thing ever? Massively overhyped?

2. Think back to the worst DJ you've ever heard at a party or club. Why were they just the worst?

3. What's your favorite memory of partying on or near campus (if you can remember it)? Change any names necessary to protect the innocent.

4. What's the worst drink you've ever had?

5. What's the biggest party foul you've ever committed, and what were the consequences?