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USF Football Visits Revamped Raymond James Stadium, Finalizes Grant Polk Transfer

The Bulls get their first look at their home stadium’s offseason renovations and pick up an offensive lineman transfer.

One of the new end zone video boards at Raymond James Stadium, set to USF mode.
Nathan Bond/The Daily Stampede

On Sunday the USF football team had their annual team picture taken at Raymond James Stadium, and the buzz was about just how huuuuuuge the new video boards are in the end zones.

“It's big time, man," head coach Willie Taggart said. "That scoreboard is big. I think it's a great addition to what's already a nice stadium. This just adds on to it now, giving the stadium a little more detail. It's pretty cool."

New video board at Ray Jay
Nathan Bond/The Daily Stampede

In addition to the new end zone video boards, there are four video boards in each corner of the stadium so Marlon Mack, Rodney Adams and crew will always know exactly where chasing defenders are at. The new banner scoreboards that run below the 300 level had the Tampa skyline as the background.

“Wow,” quarterback Quinton Flowers said about the new video boards.

“I know we’re gonna look good running out to the stadium... I gotta make sure I look good at all times,” running back Darius Tice said, laughing.

With the talk focused on video boards and the team there for their annual photo, the assembled reporters held a very unscientific poll of which player was the most photogenic. Taggart, Flowers, Tice, Mack and lineback Auggie Sanchez said either Adams or sophomore cornerback Cameron Gergley. Taggart was the tiebreaking vote and picked Adams.

In actual football news, the Bulls added OT Grant Polk from the University of Virginia as a transfer. He will have to sit out this year to satisfy NCAA transfer rules and will have three years of eligibility beginning in 2017.

Polk tweeted this out on Friday:

Taggart confirmed the news Sunday and said Polk will participate in training camp and will wear number 79.