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USF’s Big XII Presentation Materials Released

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Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Joey Knight of the Tampa Bay Times made a public records request of all materials created by USF in terms of Big XII expansion.

Here’s what he got: A two-minute video we really like, but that we can’t embed. Click on it here.

A .pdf of USF's case you can read in full here:  Big XII CaseStatement

And a "highlights book" that looks like this:  Big XII HighlightsBook

Because USF and because of course, the first non-bolded line of the case statement misspelled "research" as "reasearch."

Fortunately no one noticed and it's not a big deal and oh Christ Almighty WTF:

So... yeah. At least they fixed it within minutes:

We'll have thoughts about these materials and what they mean later (besides the inexcusable spellcheck fail, I kind of like them on first glance), but we wanted to get them out here ASAP.

Tell us what you think!