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Five Question Friday: Hot Take Special Edition

Let’s all get loud and unpopular today.

Trading At UK's Largest Vegetable Market As Bad Weather Blamed For Shortages Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images

If you didn't see The Daily Stampede Twitter feed last night, you missed a couple of absolutely shocking statements from the writing staff. First, Sandy admitted she has never seen Hoosiers and had to Google Norman Dale.

Then, one of the most appalling, indefensible takes we had ever heard:

Add that to my hot take about USF's fight song and the resulting trail of angry band kids left in its wake, and it's been a very explosive week on our blog. Now we want you to add to the explosiveness.

Instead of our usual Five Question Friday, we're replacing it with a single question:

Give us your hottest take and explain why you feel that way.

This can be your hottest sports take, your hottest pop culture take, your hottest relationship take, your hottest food take... really anything except your hottest political takes, because let's all stay friends here.

Bring the heat in the comments. I look forward to thinking much more or much less of all of you.