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Five Question Friday: Dubious Athletic Achievements Edition

Let’s talk about our best athletic efforts (that still aren’t that impressive).

Regions Charity Classic - Pro-AM Photo by Dave Martin/Getty Images

Earlier this week we received word of Carl's recent round of golf at the USF Golf Course.

This being Carl, a good laugh was had by all:

(If anyone wants to film that and The Claw lets us do it, I’m willing to try it. Carl said he played from the gold tees, which makes me even more sure I could beat 128 throwing the ball.)

That got us thinking about what we called dubious athletic achievements. It's when the best you've ever done still isn't anywhere near what a real pro athlete could do. We all had suggestions, so I had to narrow them down for 5QF. Honorable mention goes to these feats. Some of them are actually pretty impressive but they were too hard to write questions about:

  • Nick playing lockdown defense in a 7th grade YMCA basketball championship game to help his team win the title
  • Nate's run as a goalkeeper on the Carrollwood Soccer Gasparilla Cup runners-up
  • Sandy's four years of high school cheerleading, including time as a captain
  • Carl's district-winning high school tennis performance
  • Collin winning a 3-point contest at Hoop It Up and reaching the finals of his high school’s 3 on 3 tournament
  • My 35-yard field goal at the NFL Experience in Dallas (and I barely missed from 40)

Now the questions:

  1. What is your personal best dubious athletic achievement?
  2. Ryan tells us he once ran the 400 meters in 51.9 seconds. Could you now, or have you ever, been able to run that fast?
  3. My best-ever bowling score is around 170. Have you ever done better than that?
  4. Nate once scored 15 points in a 8th grade basketball game. What's your career high in a game?
  5. Carl shot 57 over par at The Claw. Have you ever done even worse than that at golf? (Only complete rounds count, no ragequits. But if you ever did that, please tell us about it. Bonus points for throwing or breaking clubs.)