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Five Question Friday: The Travel Edition

Pack your bags for this week's answers and questions.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Summer vacations are almost here. (Well, they are for those of us who didn't use all their vacation time as paternity leave.) So this week, Five Question Friday asks you all about travel.

Our first question is inspired by one of the most legendary proposition bets of all time. A few years ago, some friends of professional poker player Johnny "World" Hennigan offered him $100,000 if he could live in Des Moines, Iowa, for six months, where there were no casinos. He was so starved for action that he bought his way out of the bet after two days. With that in mind...

1. Which American city have you visited and liked the least? How much money would it take for you to live there for six months?

2. When was the last time you left the United States? Where did you go?

3. What is the furthest you have ever driven in a single day?

4. Tell me your worst travel or vacation horror story.

5. What is your favorite souvenir from a trip you have taken?