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Five Question Friday: Live From Tampa

In which we ask how 813 are you?


We are fortunate enough to have readers all over the world. Seriously, we can see you on our Google Analytics, and it's pretty cool. But the big blob of hits we get on the worldwide map comes from our beloved Pirate Town, USA.

This is a special 5QF for the locals. Hopefully they're reading this while drinking a craft brew after sitting in traffic at Malfunction Junction.

1. What are your best and worst Gasparilla moments ever?

2. My favorite place to eat that isn't Bern's or some place everyone already knows about is...?

3. TBX: Good idea or bad idea?

4. Stamkos back! Hedman back! The Lightning! Do you care? If so, how much?

5. What is your personal favorite thing to do inside city limits? Pontoon boat alongside The Riverwalk? Golf at Rogers Park? Buy cocaine from a sketchy bathroom attendant in SoHo? Watch tourists buy all the crappy cigars on 7th Ave. because they don't know what they're doing? You get the idea.