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Five Question Friday: You’re The Worst

Feel the hate flow through you today.

Connecticut v Central Florida

Today we're going to let everyone get their hate on. This category may have been inspired by our destitute men's basketball team, but we want to know some of your personal worsts. My long-held theory is that these questions end up getting funnier answers than questions about happy positive stuff, so let's see how you all do today.

1. What is the worst restaurant experience you've had? (This can be an experience you’ve had as a paying customer, or as an employee if you ever worked in one.)

2. What is the worst movie you ever paid to see? Did you leave before it was over?

3. What is the worst mistake you've ever made playing sports?

4. What is the worst you've ever behaved as a fan at a sporting event? (This includes tailgating, pregame, and postgame antics.)

5. What is something everyone else likes, but you think is just the worst?