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Five Question Friday: QB's, Beer, and Guilty Pleasure TV

5QF this week gets more in-depth, asking the deeper questions of life. Like what's your favorite microbrew and bingewatch?

You guys really seem to enjoy these, and we're having fun learning about who reads this crap. Rise and fire, internet friends:

1. Courtesy of our old homey Ryan Smith: what is the correct ranking of USF's top four QB's of all time?

2. Since Tampa is the second-best beer town in America, what's your favorite Bay Area microbrew?

3. We're USF. We've had some gut-wrenching losses. Which one still hurts you the most to this day?

4. Which crappy apartment complex around the USF campus was your favorite to go to for college parties?

5. In honor of me rewatching all four seasons of The O.C. on Hulu: what's your go-to guilty pleasure TV show of all time?

Note: literally the best thing on all of SB Nation is our Marquette homies at Anonymous Eagle writing show recaps for two entire seasons of The O.C. because they recruited a player named Sandy Cohen, who had the same name as the Dad character on the show. They are amazing and you should read them all immediately after viewing this series in its entirety.