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Five Question Friday: Blowouts, Haircuts, And More

This week we're asking about USF blowouts, expensive haircuts, and your favorite unknown bands.

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

Time for Five Question Friday, which I think is already the most popular recurring thing we've ever done on this site. I am irrationally excited to see your answers to some of this week's questions. Let's get right to them.

1. You are given the chance to play a USF varsity sport. Which one do you think you would be best at and why? This is Current You playing, not Intramural Hero You from your college days.

2. What is the most money you've ever paid for a haircut? For what occasion did you spend that much?

3. What was the most one-sided USF game (in any sport, in either direction) you have ever attended?

4. What is your dream car?

5. It's also New Music Friday, and I like getting music recommendations from people I barely know. Tell me about an obscure or semi-obscure band you like. Provide YouTube clips, Spotify playlists, etc. to back yourself up.