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USF Football JUCO Stampede: Adrian Palmore and Frank Johnson

Two Bulls have joined the team this fall from junior colleges, and each was teammates with a JUCO who arrived on campus in January. Let's meet them both.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

We already met a couple of USF's incoming junior college transfers on our countdown -- Glen Bethel and LaDarrius Jackson -- because they were on campus for spring practice. And unfortunately, we're not going to meet Tramal Ivy because he did not make it to the team.

But as Norman Dale would tell us, let's support who we are, not who we are not. Let's profile the two new JUCOs (who happened to be teammates with the two JUCOs who are already here) on the fall roster.

#42 TE Adrian Palmore - Redshirt Junior, 6'4", 240 lbs.
#91 DE Frank Johnson - Redshirt Sophomore, 6'5", 220 lbs.

2015 Stats: Both players were in junior college last year. We'll run down their stats in their bios.

Position on Depth Chart: Neither one of them were here when the most recent depth chart was released, so they aren't on it.

How They Came To USF:

  • Adrian Palmore: Adrian played with fellow USF JUCO Glen Bethel at Western Arizona Community College in scenic Yuma. He missed the 2015 season with a torn ACL, and spent most of the 2014 season as a blocker, catching only four passes for 44 yards and a pretty spectacular touchdown, plus a two-point conversion. Before that, Palmore redshirted at Morgan State in 2013. The reason he chose to come back to USF as a walk-on was because he played at Lakewood High School in St. Petersburg.

  • Frank Johnson: Johnson played at Hinds Community College with LaDarrius Jackson. He redshirted in 2014 to save a year of eligibility for his post-JUCO career, and last year he made 35 tackles, three sacks and four TFL in a nine-game season. Before Hinds, he played football, basketball, and track at Wilkinson County High School in Woodville, Mississippi. He committed to USF in November 2015, two days after the Bulls demolished Cincinnati.

Recruiting Rankings: Johnson was a three-star prospect on ESPN, and a two-star prospect on 247, Rivals, and Scout. Palmore was not rated.

Projected Playing Time: Palmore may get some reps as a blocker, with USF only having one official fullback on the roster and the team a bit short on tight ends. Jackson will likely be in the rotation at defensive end, especially if no one establishes themselves as a definite starter early on.

Follow Them On... Adrian is on Twitter at @AdrianP_MM, and his private Instagram is at doublem_ad. Frank's Twitter is @__frankjohnson and his Instagram is shelovesbenfrank (whatever that means).