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USF Football Tuesday Press Conference Tweetcap

Here are the highlights from USF football’s press conference leading up to the season opener against Towson.

NCAA Football: South Florida at Cincinnati Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

This is like the extended DVD commentary version of a tweetcap. Nathan was at the press conference and collected all the tweets, and Jamie will jump in and comment. You can also watch excerpts from the press conference below.


Let’s hope so. The size of Saturday’s crowd will be very telling.

Flowers wasn’t alone -- everything in the FSU, Maryland, and Memphis losses looked robotic. Whatever epiphany Willie Taggart and the team had before Syracuse was extraordinary.

This is good news going forward. Josh Dunn was going to find himself in a very crowded secondary, so his absence this year may not be as noticeable as Tramal Ivy’s will be. USF has a lot of untested defensive ends and Ivy could have come in and started right away. Ivy and Dunn both have redshirts available, so it hopefully won’t cost them any eligibility.

That explains a lot about the depth chart at safety. Although you can’t discount the possibility that Taggart is sending a bit of a message to Nate. Even with the ORs on the chart, Godwin was still listed third.

We’d have to count, but USF may not have many scholarships free to give to walk-ons.

With the running backs, I don’t think it’s too important what order they’re listed in. Each of them have their specific roles to play. Darius Tice is the short-yardage and goal line back. D’Ernest Johnson checks in for passing situations. And Marlon Mack gets everything else.

As of right now, USF hasn’t had to call off or move around any practices because of soon-to-be Tropical Storm Hermine. Hopefully it doesn’t disrupt their preparations for Towson, but this might be the last time we get to talk to the team until after Saturday’s game.