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Protect Your Unit Week 11 Picks Thread

The most exciting team nobody talks about.

NCAA Football: Army at Air Force Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

One of the many things that sucks about the “Power 5”/”Group of 5” split is that the college football media don’t bother covering a lot of great stories that happen in the G5 ranks.

One of those is Army. You might have heard the Black Knights are 7-2, but you probably haven’t heard how close and exciting a lot of their games have been.

  • They beat Buffalo on a ballsy fake punt. With a four-point lead and 2:28 to go, Army did this:

Army is a triple-option team, so you can probably guess what happened to the rest of the clock. By the way, that guy’s quick for a punter.

  • They beat Eastern Michigan by barely stopping a two-point conversion (jump to 2:05):
  • After Temple scored what looked like the game-winning touchdown, Army matched them with 6 seconds to play, and then won in overtime:
  • Even their losses are exciting! Tulane pulled out a last-second win against Army:

Army has already accepted a trip to the Armed Forces Bowl on December 23, where they are slated to play a Big Ten team. Purdue, Nebraska, Minnesota, Maryland, or an at-large team will have their hands full. Go get ‘em, boys.

This week, Army hosts Duke. Did anyone play it?

andrewpina Clemson -17.0 points over Florida State 100.00
andrewpina Kansas State -2.0 points over West Virginia 50.00
andrewpina Toledo -3.5 points over Ohio 50.00
andrewpina Cincinnati +3.0 points over Temple 30.00
carlzee Over 38.0 points in the Maine-Massachusetts game 70.00
carlzee Tulane -5.0 points over East Carolina 40.00
carlzee South Carolina -7.0 points over Florida 40.00
ElliotMoore Temple -2.0 points over Cincinnati 50.00
ElliotMoore Miami (FL) +140.0 money line to beat Notre Dame 50.00
ElliotMoore Under 60.5 points in the Bowling Green State-Buffalo game 40.00
ElliotMoore Auburn +3.0 points over Georgia 40.00
ElliotMoore Toledo -3.5 points over Ohio 40.00
GaryStephen Over 38.0 points in the Maine-Massachusetts game 125.00
GaryStephen East Carolina +5.5 points over Tulane 33.00
GaryStephen Alabama-Birmingham +7.0 points over Texas-San Antonio 33.00
GaryStephen Alabama -14.0 points over Mississippi State 33.00
GaryStephen Army +2.0 points over Duke 33.00
GaryStephen Over 62.5 points in the Connecticut-Central Florida game 22.00
GaryStephen Connecticut +37.5 points over Central Florida 1.00
GaryStephen Connecticut +12000.0 money line to beat Central Florida 1.00
Gibbsak Iowa State +7.0 points over Oklahoma State 10.00
Gibbsak Central Michigan +105.0 money line to beat Eastern Michigan 10.00
Gibbsak Cincinnati +120.0 money line to beat Temple 10.00
Gibbsak Michigan -15.0 points over Maryland 10.00
Gibbsak Boston College +125.0 money line to beat North Carolina State 10.00
gym399 Mississippi State +14.5 points over Alabama 63.00
gym399 Georgia -2.5 points over Auburn 63.00
gym399 Boston College +3.0 points over North Carolina State 63.00
gym399 East Carolina +5.5 points over Tulane 61.00
mcgies852 Michigan State +15.5 points over Ohio State 75.00
mcgies852 Iowa +13.0 points over Wisconsin 70.00
mcgies852 Southern Methodist +5.0 points over Navy 65.00
mcgies852 Stanford +6.5 points over Washington 50.00
ULhothot Wake Forest +1.5 points over Syracuse 99.00
ULhothot Navy -190.0 money line to beat Southern Methodist 51.00
ULhothot Notre Dame -3.0 points over Miami (FL) 50.00
ULhothot Florida State +550.0 money line to beat Clemson 50.00

Picks as of 8:50 AM Friday.

Use the space below to talk about your picks for this week, or deal with whatever Carlton Jones nightmares you may still have. SERIOUSLY WHERE DID THAT GUY COME FROM AND IS HE STILL LURKING IN THE SHADOWS SOMEWHERE HGRGRHFHGHGRFHGFGHRHGFRHGHGFR.