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USF Signee Demetris Harris Gave Us an “Inception”-Level Signing Day Announcement

Let’s fully break down all the layers of USF offensive guard signee Demetris Harris’ signing day ceremony.

NCAA Football: Birmingham Bowl-South Florida vs South Carolina Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

National Signing Day 2017 is officially history for USF as Charlie Strong and company welcomed 18 new additions to the program.

The one thing I’ve been fixated on these past 24 hours, though, hasn’t been USF’s class rankings, or yearly trends, or where these guys will fit on the depth chart in the near future.

No, no, no. What has caught my attention was the official announcement of three-star offensive guard recruit Demetris Harris out of Robert E. Lee High School in Jacksonville.

Every year, kids come up with new, creative ways to announce their decisions beyond the traditional hat trick we’ve seen in the past. We’ve seen do recruits do everything from pulling out literal bulldog puppies to announcing their decision from space (and then subsequently turn around to commit to C. 24 hours later.)

Being a fan of these spectacles, I found Harris’ to be next level and spectacular. Watch for yourself.

You caught all of that right? Let’s Zapruder the hell out of this and break this down.

With teammate Keirston Johnson having already made his pledge to USF official, the video begins with Harris rummaging through a box where you’d assume he’d pull out a hat, or hoodie, or some other type of gear, right?

Wrong. The box was only a setup to reveal a container of some sorts, leading up to the revealing of...

A gift-wrapped present that turned out to be another box. Ok, certainly the USF (or Georgia Tech/Houston) hat has to be in this box, right? There’s no way there could possibly be any more obstac...

I stand corrected. It’s a gift bag. For those keeping score at home, at this point Demetris has:

  • Opened a box
  • To reveal a container
  • To reveal another box
  • To reveal a gift bag.

Now certainly by conventional wisdom, we’ve finally reached the point where Harris will reveal the contents of the gift bag, indicating where he will be spending his collegiate career, and sending the crowd into a frenzy.

Nope! Instead he grabs the mic and simply says “I’ll be attending the University of South Florida” BEFORE finally taking out the USF visor and pulling off his high school polo to reveal a USF shirt.

Like fam, you could’ve done that from the very beginning! The level of detail that went into this particular announcement, followed by the pump fake, made this entire thing awesome. I am now rooting for this kid to pancake every defender on every single play from here until eternity.

Welcome to Tampa Demetris.