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USF Football Player Profile: #80 TE Ryan Hintze

Career profile of USF tight end Ryan Hintze.

NCAA Football: South Florida at Temple Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

#80 TE Ryan Hintze - Senior, 6’6”, 237 lbs.

2016 Stats: Ryan did not play last season, but remained The Most Interesting Man At USF. Updates to that post: He now has a modeling contract with Wilhelmina in New York, and his @amazingvines Twitter account died because Vine died.

2015 Stats: I guess he took a redshirt year? That’s what last year’s bio says, but he appears to have jumped from a redshirt sophomore to a senior, so maybe it wasn’t a redshirt year.

How He Came To USF: Hintze played at Braden River High School as a football tight end and a center/forward on the basketball team. Thinking that there’s more to life than being really really really ridiculously good looking, he established the @USFProblems Twitter account and maintained Hintze Media with his brother Derek while pursuing a marketing degree. Then he walked onto the USF football team in 2015.

Recruiting Rankings: Ryan wasn't listed by any of the recruiting services.

Follow Him On: @RyanHintze on Twitter, where he's got over 7,000 followers, and @RyanHintze on Instagram where he has nearly 28,000. Including your girlfriend, probably.