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We’re Hiring. Come Join The Daily Stampede

We can’t actually pay you.

This could be you!

USF students, fans of the school, anyone with a pulse and a decent grasp of the English language come join our writing staff.

Although we cannot pay you, adding that you’ve covered games, press conferences, practices for an SB Nation affiliated site will look very good on your resume.

Plus, you get access to our Slack Channel, which if you’ve listened to the podcast, is worth at least $50 a month.

We are looking for (at least) two great and motivated writers to add to our already fantastic coverage of USF athletics and help us take The Daily Stampede to new heights.

Specifically, we need someone to help cover the massive amount of sports that will take place during the spring, including softball, baseball, men’s and women’s soccer, golf, tennis, plus any other newsworthy things that may come up. #SpringOfRings in full effect.

We pride ourselves on being fair, honest, and sometimes witty when speaking about our beloved university and we will not settle for less than that. Collin and Jamie worked very hard to get the site to where it is now and we will not fail them or our readers.

So here’s what I need:

  • Resume
  • At least two writing samples. If you don’t have any, watch the next USF athletics game you can and write a gamer (recap) of the game. Like this. Or this.
  • And a paragraph on why you chose to attend USF.

Email everything at the same time to and I will contact you to set up a meeting if you make the cut.

Go Bulls!