What if we end the 2019 season 6-6?

What if USF ends the season 2-2 with wins against Temple and C, is that good enough for another year for Strong? This USF team would be 6-6 and bowl eligible. No the worst considering it would have been a season losing to Wisco ranked, SMU ranked, Navy maybe ranked at the end of the season, Cincy likely ranked, Memphis maybe ranked.

*side note man this conference is getting good. sad we are the outside looking in on this momentum

I guess depends on how we lose because that has been the most disappointing

We would likely be going to a lesser bowl but hypothetically Strong would have at least out coached one solid AP poll team and more importantly finally win 1 War on I4 game.

I wouldn't want to be in Kelly's shoes at that point. I guess the question would be is the buyout worth it And does Strong have what it takes to win a conference championship in whats turning into a very competitive conference.

Probably a moot point since my gut feeling is we will maybe get one on temple and get dominated the rest of the season but still hopeful. either way a fun question to ask on a bye week

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