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The Bulluminati Podcast: The Patiocast Edition Featuring USF Women’s Basketball Head Coach Jose Fernandez

Women’s Basketball Coach Jose Fernandez joins us at The Patio!

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We’re just doing this from now on. The latest episode of the Bulluminati Podcast recorded live from The Patio in downtown Tampa welcomes USF women’s basketball head coach Jose Fernandez to the pod! As always shoutout to Jeffrey Fishman (@USFIronBull) for setting this up and for everyone who came out to hang out with us.

  • 0:00: Jose Fernandez joins the pod! The guys talk the insanely awesome non-conference schedule, the two holiday tournaments, women’s basketball postseason seeding, and more!
  • 6:55: What’s the biggest difference in the program and the sport you have seen since you were hired in 2000?
  • 12:25: The guys talk crootin’, the upcoming class, navigating the Big East break-up, International recruiting, and TOEFFL.
  • 22:17: Basketball mathematics and analytics. RPI, NET, rule changes and why the women’s game needs to add analytics that the men’s game uses.
  • 24:50: We talk Jose’s tweets!
  • 27:08: Kit Laksa and the transfer portal.
  • 32:32: Check-in on the current team injuries and what summer tournaments they are involved in.
  • 34:54: Final questions and wrap-up.
  • 36:05: We talk the new jerseys, #20Strong check-in, crootin’, Nate #HOTTAKES, details on the Georgia Tech weekend, and we go way off the rails!

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