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Let’s close out the open week with some questions

Robert Steeg / The Daily Stampede

It’s been an interesting week to say the least. The South Florida Bulls are coming off yet another beat down this year, a starter was dismissed, and the QB carousel spins again. Let’s answer some burning questions from the USF faithful.

From the five QBs on the roster right now? I’d wager none are rated over a 76 overall, so at that point you go with the most mobile guy. Noah Johnson come on down. The way I play NCAA Football “21” requires a mobile QB (or QBs). A lot of read option, some flexbone, and screens. If in this updated world transfers are more and more prevalent (true to life), then I’d trot out Jordan Smith and Katravis Marsh and thank the rest for their service.

We have the makings of a Harry Potter trivia team. It may not run the table like our USF Homecoming team did, but should put up a good fight.

To quote a long gone columnist: Where’s the win?

Is USF beating Memphis, Houston or Central Florida? Lol, no. Navy is the possibility, and that’s closer to “lol, no” than “yeah, we can win.”

Do you trust this defense to stop the triple option attack of a FBS team? Lol, no.

Things could always be worse. USF has never lost every single game they’ve played in a season. They’ve had some electric offenses, and produced plenty of NFL talent over the years. Is it tough right now? Yes. But, think about the feeling you had after the Temple game in 2015. Or nearly every moment of the 2016 season. Those are the moments you live for. Some teams have never had that moment before, and could only hope to have the success the Bulls have had. It will get better. Patience is key.

By far. 2012, 2013, and 2014 are in competition. But, dear lord, this year’s team is a dumpster fire. But, we knew this was going to happen.

Worst teams, ranked:

  1. 2019
  2. 2014
  3. 2004
  4. 2012
  5. 2013

The one thing going for this current staff is that they can turn on the tape and show every transfer and recruit: Hey, look, we’re bad now, but you can play RIGHT NOW. A lot of transfers just want to play. Are we gonna get the Justin Fields, or D’Eriq Kings of the world? No, but they can get some good quality transfers who can make an impact right away.

With a healthy Alexis Yetna? Very excited. By all accounts, he’s going to be ready for opening night, whenever that might be. I do worry about the point guard position. For all the grief I gave LaQuincy Rideau over the years, he was a solid point guard for this team. Xavier Castaneda is slated to take Q’s spot in the lineup. It’s a drop from Q to Castaneda on nearly every aspect. Xavier was at times hesitant to shoot the ball over the last few years, and has struggled with turnovers against full court press. He will need to find his confidence shooting from three to open up the floor more for David Collins, Yetna, and Michael Durr to do what they do best from 15 feet and in. True freshman Caleb Murphy will probably come off the bench early on and get some PG reps too.

They’re projected to finish fifth in the AAC this year, and that’s a good starting point. I think Brian Gregory and his squad are thinking NCAA Tournament or bust this season.