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Protect Your Unit 16 Results/Bowl Season Picks Thread

Frisco Bowl trophy
Well, this isn’t happening.
Photo by Matthew Pearce/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

This is getting a little complicated:

Those movies were just damned funny. But things really do get complicated this week.

First of all, this thread will be the bowl season thread. Typically I make bowl season its own thread. But with the quick turnaround and the overlapping of Week 16 and bowl season, it made sense to do it all at once. I will keep it in a lower place on the front page until the season ends.

Now on to the post-Week 16 standings:

User Total WK_17 Bowl_Season_Minimum Bowl_Season_Maximum
bullsonparade96 8618.27 50.00 2154.57 4309.13
speruche 2003.00 -161.82 500.75 1001.50
UndercoverBull 1717.31 -572.44 429.33 858.66
E-dogg42 1651.06 -98.00 412.77 825.53
ElliotMoore 1607.67 -535.00 401.92 803.84
AnthonyVito 1380.17 183.60 345.04 690.09
LrdNorman 1164.04 0.00 291.01 582.02
GaryStephen 1073.99 25.84 268.50 536.99
briank19 992.89 0.00 250.00 500.00
GibbsAK 784.62 0.00 250.00 500.00
Danj725 716.34 -14.55 250.00 500.00
jjlovecub 515.00 0.00 250.00 500.00
ulhothot 433.95 -250.00 250.00 433.95
dsidwell31 318.11 0.00 250.00 318.11
jrjs 175.13 0.00 175.13 175.13
McIntyre2K7 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
defdans 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00

That’s the total, Week 16 won/lost, and the minimum/maximum bets each player has to make for bowl season. The requirements go from 5-25%/3 games/1 AAC game to 25-50%/5 games/2 AAC games. Because of the compressed schedule this year, I allowed early betting on pre-Christmas bowl games involving AAC teams, which count towards both Week 16 and 17 (bowl season). More on that in a bit.

It seems leader BullsOnParade96 can’t lose. Or win.

bullsonparade96 Over 66.0 points in the Ball State-Buffalo game; Over 54.0 points in the Louisiana-Coastal Carolina game; Over 45.5 points in the Tulsa-Cincinnati game (PUSH,VOID,WIN) Ball State 38-28; Coastal Carolina 0-0; Cincinnati 27-24 150.00 WIN 150.00
bullsonparade96 Over 66.0 points in the Ball State-Buffalo game; Over 53.5 points in the Louisiana-Coastal Carolina game; Coastal Carolina -4.0 points over Louisiana (PUSH,VOID,VOID) Ball State 38-28; Coastal Carolina 0-0; Coastal Carolina 0-0 92.07 WIN/PUSH 0.00
bullsonparade96 Southern California -3.0 points over Oregon; Under 64.5 points in the Oregon-Southern California game; Over 66.5 points in the Ball State-Buffalo game (LOSS,WIN,LOSS) Oregon 31-24; Oregon 31-24; Ball State 38-28 50.00 LOSS -50.00
bullsonparade96 Over 38.0 points in the Air Force-Army game; Over 55.0 points in the Boise State-San Jose State game; San Jose State +6.5 points over Boise State (LOSS,LOSS,WIN) Army 10-7; San Jose State 34-20; San Jose State 34-20 50.00 LOSS -50.00
bullsonparade96 Over 53.5 points in the Louisiana-Coastal Carolina game; Coastal Carolina -4.0 points over Louisiana (VOID,VOID) Coastal Carolina 0-0; Coastal Carolina 0-0 0.00 WIN 0.00
bullsonparade96 Southern Methodist +8.0 points over Texas-San Antonio; Over 71.5 points in the Southern Methodist-Texas-San Antonio game (VOID,VOID) Texas-San Antonio 0-0; Texas-San Antonio 0-0 0.00 WIN 0.00

That’s two cancelled games, and a pushed over/under bet made twice, that resulted in our leader gaining only 50Ų this week. Which is not a bad outcome for him, as he has a huge lead he can sit on. Also, more attempts at big parlay scores failed to pan out:

undercoverbull Southern California -3.0 points over Oregon; Cincinnati -14.0 points over Tulsa; Alabama -17.0 points over Florida (LOSS,LOSS,LOSS) Oregon 31-24; Cincinnati 27-24; Alabama 52-46 572.44 LOSS -572.44
ElliotMoore Indiana -10.5 points over Purdue; Ohio State -20.0 points over Northwestern (VOID,LOSS) Indiana 0-0; Ohio State 22-10 200.00 LOSS -200.00
ElliotMoore Texas A&M -13.5 points over Tennessee; Alabama -12.5 points over Florida (WIN,LOSS) Texas A&M 34-13; Alabama 52-46 200.00 LOSS -200.00
speruche Northwestern +20.5 points over Ohio State; Boise State -6.5 points over San Jose State; UCLA -6.5 points over Stanford (WIN,LOSS,LOSS) Ohio State 22-10; San Jose State 34-20; Stanford 48-47 161.82 LOSS -161.82
ElliotMoore Under 74.5 points in the Mississippi-Louisiana State game; Under 74.5 points in the Alabama-Florida game (LOSS,LOSS) Louisiana State 53-48; Alabama 52-46 100.00 LOSS -100.00

The only other winning player this week was AnthonyVito, who won 183.60. What’s his secret?

Week 16 actually expanded BullsOnParade96’s lead to 6615.27, and made it even harder for anyone will catch up, with only the bowl games left. However, not all parlays are dead:

E-dogg42 Louisiana State +2.0 points over Mississippi; Mississippi State +2.0 points over Missouri; Tulane -3.0 points over Nevada (WIN,WIN,TBD) Louisiana State 53-48; Mississippi State 51-32; TBD 200.27 TBD 0.00
E-dogg42 Over 54.0 points in the Arizona State-Oregon State game; Under 61.5 points in the Hawaii-Houston game (WIN,TBD) Arizona State 46-33; TBD 24.00 TBD 0.00

After Week 16, E-Dogg42 is in fourth place with 1651.06. Using the early betting option for the pre-Christmas AAC bowl games, he placed two parlays that included games from both Week 16 and games from bowl week. This resulted in two parlays that can’t be resolved yet, because they are still waiting on game results. Normally, each week ends before a new one begins; the overlap that arose with the Frisco Bowl and the early AAC bowls is a scenario I never envisioned. (Then the Frisco Bowl ended up getting cancelled anyway.)

Obviously, the important thing here is how the 200.27 play will be handled, as it’s one game away from paying 1201.62. Here’s how this situation will be handled:

  • The amounts wagered count against Week 16 limits only. I know I said these games would count towards both Week 16 and 17, but counting the amount bet twice wouldn’t be fair. This is advantageous for E-Dogg42, because he’s found a way to start bowl week with 200+ chips on the table, without spending any of his Week 17 bankroll.
  • However, if this bet wins, it won’t increase his Week 17 bankroll. With that bet unresolved, he starts Week 17 with 1651.06, and his Week 17 bankroll will be based on that. He must play between 412.77 and 825.54. Wins during a week don’t increase your starting bankroll for the week, as per longstanding rule 9.2.1, and that principle will be applied here. This is less advantageous, as a $1200 win during Week 16 would have increased his starting amount for Week 17, and he could have started with a larger bankroll.

That’s the best way I can think of to resolve this. Sometimes, the dev team doesn’t think of everything. I never intended for parlays across multiple weeks to exist, but I never said you couldn’t do it either. And Rule 7 explicitly says “Any combination of legal bets is allowed.”

With that sorted out, we now move on to Bowl Season! Which starts Monday night, with the Myrtle Beach Bowl between North Texas and Appalachian State. Usually there’s a time lapse between, but not this year. Here’s what will be different:

  • Again, this thread will be the bowl season thread. There isn’t likely to be much drama in the outcome this year, but I will still give daily updates.
  • All bowl games are now open for betting, not just the pre-Christmas AAC bowl games. However:
  • As of this writing, many bowl games don’t have their matchups set yet. No lines will be posted for those games until they do.
  • The cancellations bet will not be offered until the full bowl lineup is set. says that several more bowl games are expected to be cancelled today, due to a large number of teams opting out. So I’m waiting for the bowl schedule to settle before offering the bet. There will be a later announcement about this.
  • I don’t know if the Total Bets and Total AAC Bets counters are correct. Use the Dashboard or All Picks report, and my updates in this thread, for counting.

Now back to the normal bowl-season stuff:

  • As always, the betting requirements for Week 17 aka bowl season are: 25%-50% of bankroll, or 250-500 units if you are below 1000 total; 5 total bets; 2 bets involving AAC games. The website has been updated to reflect this. If the website doesn’t let you make a bet you should be able to, send me an email or PM to @protectyouru.
  • As a reminder: any wager on an AAC bowl game that was placed early counts towards both Week 16 and 17. This includes the later-cancelled Frisco Bowl, because cancelled games normally count towards requirements.

And that’s everything I can think of! Thanks to everyone for playing this season! Good luck, and watch the comments section for updates as bowl season, however much of it there is, plays out.