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PYU Week 11: The Hare Wins Anyway

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Season 5 Photo by: Margaret C. Norton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

This week’s story is, as is often the case, is of leader BullsOnParade96 hitting one of his big parlays. But this week he nearly gave it all back.

Here are the bets made by this week’s two leaders, in more or less chronological order:

bullsonparade96 Under 63.0 points in the Ball State-Northern Illinois game; Over 50.0 points in the Toledo-Bowling Green State game; Over 73.0 points in the Kent State-Central Michigan game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Northern Illinois 30-29; Toledo 49-17; Central Michigan 54-30 120.40 WIN 722.40
bullsonparade96 South Florida +23.5 points over Cincinnati Cincinnati 45-28 50.00 WIN 45.45
dsidwell31 Cincinnati -23.0 points over South Florida; Over 57.0 points in the Cincinnati-South Florida game (LOSS,WIN) Cincinnati 45-28; Cincinnati 45-28 50.00 LOSS -50.00
bullsonparade96 Over 60.0 points in the Ohio-Eastern Michigan game; Eastern Michigan -6.0 points over Ohio (PUSH,LOSS) Ohio 34-26; Ohio 34-26 100.00 LOSS -100.00
dsidwell31 Southern Methodist -7.0 points over Central Florida; Connecticut +41.0 points over Clemson; Houston -24.5 points over Temple (WIN,WIN,WIN) Southern Methodist 55-28; Clemson 44-7; Houston 37-8 50.00 WIN 300.00
dsidwell31 Maine -1.5 points over Massachusetts; Auburn -5.0 points over Mississippi State (WIN,LOSS) Maine 35-10; Mississippi State 43-34 25.00 LOSS -25.00
bullsonparade96 Michigan +1.0 points over Penn State; Coastal Carolina -10.0 points over Georgia State; Georgia Tech -1.5 points over Boston College (WIN,LOSS,LOSS) Michigan 21-17; Georgia State 42-40; Boston College 41-30 50.00 LOSS -50.00
bullsonparade96 Miami (FL) -2.5 points over Florida State; Under 61.0 points in the Miami (FL)-Florida State game; Over 64.0 points in the Notre Dame-Virginia game (LOSS,WIN,LOSS) Florida State 31-28; Florida State 31-28; Notre Dame 28-3 100.00 LOSS -100.00
bullsonparade96 Under 57.5 points in the Colorado-UCLA game; Over 45.0 points in the Nevada-San Diego State game; Over 56.5 points in the Utah State-San Jose State game (LOSS,LOSS,WIN) UCLA 44-20; San Diego State 23-21; Utah State 48-17 100.00 LOSS -100.00
dsidwell31 Over 56.5 points in the Texas A&M-Mississippi game; Under 59.0 points in the Arkansas-Louisiana State game; Under 62.0 points in the Kansas-Texas game (LOSS,WIN,LOSS) Mississippi 29-19; Arkansas 16-13; Kansas 57-56 25.00 LOSS -25.00
dsidwell31 Wake Forest -1.5 points over North Carolina State; Notre Dame -5.0 points over Virginia; Oregon -13.5 points over Washington State (WIN,WIN,WIN) Wake Forest 45-42; Notre Dame 28-3; Oregon 38-24 25.00 WIN 150.00

After Friday night’s USF game, BullsOnParade96 was up 767.85 units, while dsidwell31 had lost one bet. But their fortunes reversed, and by the end of Saturday night, the weekly scores were:

bullsonparade96 417.86 15 pts
dsidwell31 350.00 10 pts
briank19 195.81 7 pts
ULhothot 159.00 5 pts
anthonyvito 61.36 4 pts
jrjs 36.36 3 pts

BullsOnParade96 still won the week, but if USF had failed to cover against Cincinnati, dsidwell31 would have come back to win Week 11. It was a rare bit of a drama in a race that’s been pretty one-sided this season. The money standings are now:

User Total Pending Futures Grand Total Excluding Futures
bullsonparade96 4499.46 250 4749.46
Danj725 1319.50 0 1319.50
briank19 1280.50 0 1280.50
speruche 1187.41 0 1187.41
ElliotMoore 1131.71 150 1281.71
dsidwell31 1122.22 0 1122.22
ULhothot 1122.17 240 1362.17
mmmmsnouts 1114.55 150 1264.55
E-dogg42 1028.26 165 1193.26
Gibbsak 1017.73 0 1017.73
mcgies852 983.21 140 1123.21
GaryStephen 952.20 0 952.20
Gym399 930.64 0 930.64
Lrdnorman 905.74 0 905.74
Andrewpina 794.55 250 1044.55
jjlovecub 749.00 0 749.00
jrjs 743.73 0 743.73
anthonyvito 626.48 100 726.48
HerdCountry941 506.86 0 506.86
McIntyre2K7 500.00 110 610.00
Julmisteforheisman 359.23 0 359.23
camweed12 88.28 0 88.28
Defdans 0.00 220 220.00
undercoverbull 0.00 250 250.00

The big news is that McIntyre2K7 won his Sudden Death Bet (USF to cover) and gets a “loan” of 500 units to play the rest of the season. If he builds that to over 1,000, he must “repay” the extra 500, for purposes of the final standings. This rule exists so players who win supplementary bankroll don’t have an advantage in the final standings over those who didn’t. This also doesn’t count as units won for purposes of the weekly standings.

Also, you can see that some more pending futures have been changed to losses. The Futures page has been updated to show which bets have already lost, and which bets have “clinched” and are only waiting for the regular season to end. Over/under win bets are only paid if the team’s schedule is unchanged, so teams need to complete their regular season schedules before such bets will be paid. Division/conference championship bets will be paid when clinched, which is some big news we’ll talk about in the Week 12 preview post. National championship bets are only paid at the end of the season.

The points standings are just as one-sided:

bullsonparade96 75
dsidwell31 42
speruche 42
briank19 34
e-dogg42 34
ElliotMoore 32
Ulhothot 32
GaryStephen 21
danj725 19
LrdNorman 18
mcgies852 16
anthonyvito 16
HerdCountry941 13
McIntyre2K7 13
jrjs 11
undercoverbull 10
Gibbsak 8
mmmmsnouts 7
Gym399 4
Andrewpina 4
camweed12 2
Julmisteforheisman 2
jjlovecub 1

BullsOnParade96 has won first place in 5 of the 11 weeks, which is enough to give him a huge lead there as well. But you can see that some of our more consistent players are building good point totals. If dsidwell31 had pulled off the win this week, the lead would be 70-47 instead of 75-42.

It’s the week before Thanksgiving, which means it’s SEC Silly Season! Fans of huge underdogs will be happy to know that SEC teams have home games against Prairie View, Charleston Southern, Tennessee State, South Alabama, Louisiana-Monroe and New Mexico State (for the second week in a row). ACC teams have started to do this also; we’ve also got Wofford-North Carolina.

In actual competitive football, we’ve got Michigan State-Ohio State, Wake Forest-Clemson (which Wake doesn’t actually need to win the division), Virginia-Pittsburgh, Iowa State-Oklahoma, Baylor-Kansas State, and Oregon-Utah.

Cincinnati hosts SMU in what is not so much the AAC game of the year anymore. The actual conference game of the year, Cincinnati-Houston, is not on the schedule. It is possible that both teams will go 8-0 in conference play. Imagine how much more interesting this season could be if that game were played, and/or if Houston hadn’t lost to friggin’ Texas Tech in the season opener.

Other AAC games are Memphis-Houston on Friday; USF-Tulane; East Carolina-Navy; Temple-Tulsa, and non-conference Central Florida hosts Connecticut in a non-conference game.