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USF Football Taken to the Woodshed by Tulane.

Jeff Scott didn’t have this team ready.

NCAA Football: Cincinnati at South Florida Jeremy Reper-USA TODAY Sports

The South Florida Bulls were taken out back and put down like Old Yeller against the Tulane Green Wave inside Yulman Stadium.

The Bulls scored on the opening drive of the game, and then Tulane reeled off 42 consecutive points (as of this writing) to put the game away. Head coach Jeff Scott said this was a winnable game, but didn’t have his team ready to play.

Defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer continues to be bad at his job as the Green Wave gained the most yards and scored the most points they’ve had against a FBS team.

Go enjoy the rest of your Saturday and try to mentally prepare for whatever is going to happen on Black Friday.

All the momentum, hope, and progress the Bulls had going into this has been completely wiped out, and now we’re all left wondering where does this team go from here?

Offensive coordinator Charlie Weis Jr has been pretty underwhelming as well, and quarterback Timmy McClain continues to struggle throwing the ball down the field.

This has been the worst performance USF has had in a long long time against a team they matched up with on paper.

Back to square one.