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The Bulluminati Podcast: The MF Coogs Edition

Another Top 25 team on the docket for USF.

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 02 USF at SMU Photo by George Walker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Bulluminati Podcast presented by Irish 31 is back following our watch party at the Hyde Park location and just wanted to say thanks for attending despite the result! I, for one, had a great time talking with everyone! This week discuss the first CFP Top 25 results, the ECU game, throwback helmets, and what to expect on Homecoming.

Watch the full live stream

  • 0:00: We plug our sponsor Irish 31 and talk about the watch party!
  • 4:00: Let’s talk about the first CFP Top 25 release which makes total sense.
  • 21:51: We recap the ECU loss and
  • 49;32: We talk about those MFing Cougars on Homecoming.
  • 1:07:54: We discuss the other sports!
  • 1:13:16: predictions, and wrap-up!

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