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USF Football Finally Getting Their Indoor Performance Facility


NCAA Football: Tulsa at South Florida Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports


South Florida Bulls Vice President of Athletics Michael Kelly, and football head coach Jeff Scott formally announced on Wednesday that the long awaited USF Football Facility will be starting very soon. Like after spring practice soon.

After nearly 40 months of fundraising, two athletic directors, two head coaches, and a pandemic, the Bulls have secured enough private donations to build what they’re now calling the Indoor Performance Facility.

Head coach Jeff Scott:

“I really feel like this is a new day for the University of South Florida. Not just for the football program, not just for Athletics, but really overall for the entire University. In my experience here over the last year, I have been able to see a new alignment in leadership and vision that gets me really excited. That is one of the things that has me most excited right now about us moving forward and one of the reasons we are in this position today.

VP of Athletics Michael Kelly:

“We remain focused on doing our very best for what we can provide for our student-athletes. After much thought and alignment over this timeframe and during this pandemic, I am pleased today to offer a revised vision and a timeline for the first time. I am very confident in our plan and our progress.

It’ll be a two phased approach Kelly said to reporters, with the first being a $3 million face lift of the Lee Roy Selmon Athletics Center, which will include a total revamp of the current football locker room, plus an updated nutrition station, among other things for the players.

The second part of phase one will be the $22 million, 88,000 square foot indoor practice facility that will begin construction this summer with the plans to have it ready for use by fall camp 2022. The university has tapped HOK and RR Simmons Construction as partners for the project.

The stand-alone football facility, or Phase 2, is set to be completed at a later date and will be attached to the already built IPF.

It cannot be stressed enough how critical it was to reach this point for this program.

Getting this project off the ground is a game-changer in terms of recruiting, it’s a game-changer in their ability to practice in spite of the elements and it’s a game-changer in overall perception of the program’s willingness to actually spend money on facilities. And that’s not even mentioning how the other programs occupying the Selmon Center will benefit once football has their own space to operate out of upon the completion of Phase 2.

So kudos to Michael Kelly, Jeff Scott and everyone who donated to make this happen.