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PYU Week 1 Results Thread: Non-College Football Edition

Actually children in Ethiopia playing marbles, but we’re all about using our imagination here.
The Gliding Glaciers blow past the Crazy Cat’s Eyes!
Photo by EDUARDO SOTERAS/AFP via Getty Images

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Welcome to the Week 1 results thread!

Before we get to the results, I’ve decided to add a prop bet to Week 2. Because it’ll be fun, and we all could use a good diversion this week.

Who will win the 2021 Marble League?

For those not familiar, Jelle’s Marble Runs is a YouTube channel that I and many of us at TDS are fond of. And this year’s competition is coming down to an incredible finish. With one event to go in the 16-event challenge, 11 of the 16 teams still have a chance to win. The current standings are:

Raspberry Racers 156
Hazers 149
Mellow Yellow 147
Gliding Glaciers 144
Team Momo 143
Thunderbolts 140
Crazy Cat's Eyes (host) 138
Savage Speeders 137
Shining Swarm 137
Chocolatiers 136
Green Ducks 133

Points are awarded on a 25-20-15 basis for gold/silver/bronze finishers, and then 12 for 4th, 11 for 5th, etc., through 0 for dead last. Any of those 11 teams can win the final event, and therefore the entire competition. Some will need help, in that teams currently ahead of them in the standings will have to finish poorly enough not to end up with a greater total than them. The final event is called “Marblocross” which appears to be a long-distance outdoor road race. It will air on “Jelle’s Marble Runs” on YouTube Friday morning.

This bet is entirely optional. So you can skip it if you want to, or if you just think the whole thing is silly. But I will count it towards weekly bet amount requirements as a non-AAC game.

Okay, on to the football. And speaking of things that award points on a ranking basis, here are the week 1 results and points competition:

user CurrentGrandTotal FuturesPending Week1Results Week1Points
Danj725 1120.46 0 120.46 2
bullsonparade96 1120.00 250 370.00 15
mmmmsnouts 1114.55 150 264.55 7
undercoverbull 1113.18 250 363.18 10
GaryStephen 1104.36 0 104.36 1
HerdCountry941 1089.35 0 89.35 1
ElliotMoore 1064.18 150 214.18 5
jrjs 1015.09 0 15.09 1
camweed12 992.73 0 -7.27
E-dogg42 985.80 185 170.80 3
Andrewpina 958.18 250 208.18 4
Julmisteforheisman 949.51 0 -50.49
briank19 940.91 0 -59.09
Gym399 938.18 0 -61.82
jjlovecub 934.00 0 -66.00
dsidwell31 912.73 0 -87.27
Lrdnorman 907.27 0 -92.73
anthonyvito 870.45 100 -29.55
Gibbsak 870.00 0 -130.00
ULhothot 786.36 250 36.36 1
McIntyre2K7 770.00 110 -120.00
speruche 750.00 0 -250.00
mcgies852 724.64 150 -125.36
Defdans 701.27 220 -78.73

The Current Grand Total includes money that has been wagered on Futures, and hasn’t been resolved yet. So some players who won money in Week 1 are lower in the standings than their Week 1 results would dictate. The rightmost column is the points awarded, for the new points race. bullsonparade96 was the big winner with 370, good for 15 points, followed by undercoverbull with 363.18 which was good for 10. Third place for the week, and 7 points, went to mmmmsnouts who won 264.55. Those are some pretty big weekly winnings!

ElliotMoore (6 points) and AndrewPina (5 points) were both over 200. E-Dogg42 (4 points), DanJ725 (3 points) and GaryStephen (2 points) were over 100. HerdCountry941, with a healthy 89.35 profit, only took 9th place for 1 points. Also, ULhothot and jrjs were both in the black for the week, which always earns 1 point even if you are out of the Top 9. We’ll tally these points up as the season goes on.

As for the games: there were several FCS over FBS wins, including 3 before Saturday even arrived. California-Davis won 19-17 at Tulsa in an error-filled game. UNLV, which is famous in these parts for losing to Howard as a 43-point home favorite, lost again to FCS Eastern Washington. It was quite an ending:

The biggest upset was Montana beating #20 Washington. South Dakota State beat Colorado State with surprising ease, 42-23. Their quarterback was one Chris Oladokun. Man, I bet some FBS school regrets letting that guy get away. Also winning readily were East Tennessee State over Vanderbilt 23-3, and Holy Cross 38-28 over UConn. That game drove Randy Edsall into retirement.

#7 Iowa State, Oklahoma State, Kansas, Wyoming, and Georgia Southern all had narrow wins against FCS competition. I groused on Twitter about Kansas being kept alive by a 4th-down targeting call, but I’ve since seen the highlight and it definitely warranted a flag. Kansas also had to convert another 4th-and-10 late to survive.

The Marble League bets, if you want to do them, will remain open until Friday morning, because that’s when the race will first broadcast on YouTube. The football games start Friday night, with Kansas-Coastal Carolina and UTEP-Boise State. All the other games are on Saturday, and 36 of them are against FCS teams. The fake betting window is already open, and your bankroll should be current on your Dashboard. Happy gaming!