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Protect Your Unit Week 5 Results Thread: Dead Cat Bounce

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Pittsburgh
Raise your hand if you saw this coming.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Look who’s back:

bullsonparade96 Georgia Tech +1240.0 money line to beat Pittsburgh Georgia Tech 26-21 111.91 WIN 1387.68

Yep, it’s 2021 points race winner BullsOnParade96, who last season turned a longshot money line bet on Louisiana-Monroe to beat Liberty into a huge money lead (which he later lost). This year, he comes back from the brink of elimination with this out-of-nowhere money line hit. The 111.91 were his last units for the season, meaning he was reduced to a sudden death bet next week if it failed.

This was not enough to push him into first place, however, because there were a lot of big wins this week:

bullsonparade96 Georgia Tech +1240.0 money line to beat Pittsburgh Georgia Tech 26-21 111.91 WIN 1387.68
Danj725 Alabama -17.0 points over Arkansas; Over 60.5 points in the Alabama-Arkansas game; Appalachian State -39.5 points over Citadel (WIN,WIN,WIN) Alabama 49-26; Alabama 49-26; Appalachian State 49-0 100.00 WIN 600.00
Squirbs Kansas State -7.5 points over Texas Tech; Washington State -4.0 points over California; Georgia Tech +22.0 points over Pittsburgh (WIN,WIN,WIN) Kansas State 37-28; Washington State 28-9; Georgia Tech 26-21 100.00 WIN 600.00
jrjs Over 55.5 points in the West Virginia-Texas game; Over 48.5 points in the Oklahoma State-Baylor game; Over 55.5 points in the Washington-UCLA game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Texas 38-20; Oklahoma State 36-25; UCLA 40-32 40.00 WIN 240.00
ULhothot Connecticut +1400.0 money line to beat Fresno State Connecticut 19-14 10.00 WIN 140.00
anthonyvito Wake Forest +210.0 money line to beat Florida State Wake Forest 31-21 50.00 WIN 105.00
E-dogg42 Over 50.5 points in the Louisville-Boston College game; Under 53.5 points in the Purdue-Minnesota game; Over 48.5 points in the Oklahoma State-Baylor game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Boston College 34-33; Purdue 20-10; Oklahoma State 36-25 15.00 WIN 90.00
dsidwell31 Over 39.5 points in the North Carolina State-Clemson game; Clemson -6.5 points over North Carolina State; Central Florida -3.5 points over Southern Methodist (WIN,WIN,VOID) Clemson 30-20; Clemson 30-20; Central Florida 0-0 25.00 WIN 65.00
briank19 Texas Christian +230.0 money line to beat Oklahoma Texas Christian 55-24 25.00 WIN 57.50
E-dogg42 Wake Forest +7.0 points over Florida State; Cincinnati -9.0 points over Tulsa; Southern Methodist +3.5 points over Central Florida (WIN,WIN,VOID) Wake Forest 31-21; Cincinnati 31-21; Central Florida 0-0 20.00 WIN 52.00

ULhothot also had a win on UConn +1400 to beat... well, it could have been anyone, really, but Fresno State in this case. Good for them getting a solid win. I wonder what it feels like.

The SMU-UCF game was moved from Sunday to Wednesday. This means it moves from Week 5 to Week 6, which by rule 14.6.2 means bets on the game this week were voided:

14.6.2. If a game is postponed to a later week, any bets placed do not carry over to the later date. You must re-bet if you want to make the same bet again.

Any bets on this game for Week 5 were returned to the player. Bets that were part of a parlay were moved from the parlay, as per the usual procedure. You can see from the list above that several winning parlays included this game; since this game was removed and the other bets won, the winner was paid at the lower payout rate. Danj725 paid 1 to 1 for a parlay that contained only one winning bet, and no losses. Rule comes up more often than you’d think.

Winnings and points awarded are:

USER Week 5 winnings points earned
bullsonparade96 1387.68 15
Squirbs 450.00 10
Danj725 431.36 7
jrjs 160.00 5
Gym399 35.57 4
briank19 15.68 3

After Danj725 won the first two weeks and McIntyre2K7 won the second two, we have a new winner this week. But Danj725 did earn some points this week with a third-place finish, which is enough to push him into the overall points lead:

player total week 5
Danj725 37 7
McIntyre2K7 33 0
bullsonparade96 22 15
Squirbs 15 10
jrjs 15 5
Defdans 14 0
Gym399 14 4
E-dogg42 11 0
anthonyvito 11 0
GaryStephen 10 0
ULhothot 10 0
briank19 8 3
ElliotMoore 7 0
andrewpina 7 0
dsidwell31 7 0
lrdnorman 4 0
jjlovecub 1 0

Before I get into the money standings, there is one more book to balance. Because USF’s game against East Carolina was moved from Tampa to Boca Raton, all Futures bets on USF to win more or less than 4.5 games have been voided. The units will be removed from “pending futures” and returned to your bankroll. This is by rule: A team must play its complete, as-scheduled season for a Win Total bet to have any effect. If any game is unplayed, incomplete, or if an opponent or location changes, the bet is voided and the player neither wins or loses. Postponement of a game to a later date without changing the opponent or location does not void a bet.

This is good news for most of you, who bet on USF to win over 4.5 games. It doesn’t look like that’s happening, so getting your money back instead of taking an L is a good outcome. Here are the affected bets:

anthonyvito Futures bet on South Florida to win more than 4.5 games 200.00 0.0000 VOID 0.0000
BullsOnParade96 Futures bet on South Florida to win more than 4.5 games 250.00 0.0000 VOID 0.0000
JulmisteForHeisman Futures bet on South Florida to win more than 4.5 games 24.00 0.0000 VOID 0.0000
LrdNorman Futures bet on South Florida to win more than 4.5 games 40.00 0.0000 VOID 0.0000
McIntyre2K7 Futures bet on South Florida to win less than 4.5 games 30.00 0.0000 VOID 0.0000

Only McIntyre2K7 bet on the Bulls to win less than 4.5, so this likely costs him a win when the season ends and the futures are paid out. I wonder if this will be a deciding factor at season’s end. That would be an ironic way to lose.

With these futures bets processed, the season standings are now:

User Total Pending Futures Grand Total
Excluding Futures
Danj725 2148.72 0 2148.72
bullsonparade96 1749.59 0 1749.59
McIntyre2K7 1672.00 30 1702.00
Squirbs 1412.92 0 1412.92
Gym399 1063.81 0 1063.81
E-dogg42 938.27 0 938.27
jrjs 914.80 0 914.80
GaryStephen 893.88 0 893.88
andrewpina 846.41 250 1096.41
anthonyvito 790.91 0 790.91
dsidwell31 781.82 100 881.82
ElliotMoore 767.14 0 767.14
Defdans 755.36 190 945.36
jjlovecub 743.00 0 743.00
Gibbsak 684.55 0 684.55
Julmisteforheisman 554.99 0 554.99
mcgies852 519.66 0 519.66
briank19 484.31 150 634.31
ULhothot 328.83 250 578.83
lrdnorman 322.94 180 502.94
speruche 238.70 0 238.70

The 250-unit refund was enough to leap bullsonparade96 into second place, and also had a positive impact on the other affected players as well. And, the error from last week that double-counted futures bets has already been corrected. So no one is in imminent danger of having to use their sudden death bet. Only speruche is below 250, at 238.70.

Please note that Week 5 winnings do not include these refunded futures bets. Money won, lost, or returned on futures bets don’t count towards any week.

Week 6 games start with the rescheduled SMU-UCF game on Wednesday. If you still want to bet that game, you will have to bet it again - existing bets have been returned and do not carry over.

National games of note will be Arkansas-Mississippi State, TCU-Kansas, Tennessee-LSU, Utah-UCLA, and Florida State-North Carolina State. Texas A&M-Alabama certainly isn’t as big as it was.

AAC games (keeping in mind that the incoming teams count) are: the aforementioned SMU-UCF, Houston-Memphis, East Carolina-Tulane, Tulsa-Navy, Middle Tennessee-UAB, Western Kentucky-UTSA. Temple, Rice, Charlotte, North Texas, Florida Atlantic are all off. USF is playing against... does it even matter who?