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Position Paper: Dr. Lou


Voodoo Five will not have hidden agendas. As we build up our community, we will sometimes share our official stan ces on Bulls-related topics for the understanding of our readers. These stances are called Position Papers.

Our first Position Paper is on Lou Holtz, also known as Dr. Lou. We didn't want to do this one first, but he kind of forced our hand when he showed up to spring practice today and gave a pep talk to the baseball team while he was at it.


Lou Holtz is, of course, a College Football Hall of Famer and the former football coach at schools such as Arkansas, Minnesota, Notre Dame (where he won the 1988 national championship), and South Carolina. He is also a source of nearly endless amusement through his quotes, public speaking engagements, and especially his role on ESPN, where he analyzes college football games and sometimes plays a psychiatrist helping various celebrities with their problems. Hence the nickname Dr. Lou.

Here's a sample of Dr. Lou's fine work.


Having Lou Holtz around the USF programs will undoubtedly be a good thing. We all like Dr. Lou, as a person and as a source of comedy. Obviously there's a lot of great stuff in that segment. (And I think we all eventually figured out how Tiger was keeping an even keel.) But we must remember that he is also the father of our head coach, Skip Holtz. It may be potentially damaging to the blog to poke fun at Lou Holtz in mean-spirited and personal ways.


So our position is: Jokes about the things Lou Holtz says are all fair game. If he issues one of his renowned Holtzisms, or if he goes off on some crazy tangent in the broadcast booth, or if he jumps the rails at halftime and says something that makes no sense at all, knock yourself out. But we're drawing the line at jokes about age-related issues (including speech impediments). We're not going there, and we'd like you to abide by this rule as well.


In closing, here is an inspiring pep talk. Now let's get out there and blog like champions today.