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Position Papers

Sorry, I (Still) Can't Bring Myself To Hate FSU

Originally written in 2012 and updated this year: It's the story of my college football fanhood as a kid, and why I can't hate on FSU even though I'm the die-hardiest of diehard USF fans now.

USF Athletics Is In Crisis

And it's worse than you think

Collin Solves Recruiting and Oversigning

Collin Solves Recruiting, Oversigning, and College Sports Creepiness Forever

Position Paper: Why I Greatly Dislike the Florida Gators

Sure, they have championships and tradition and money and a 100-year head start on us. But we still don't like the Gators, and here's why.

Position Paper: University of Central Florida

We want to write about USF and rivalries, but before we can do that, we have to explain our position on UCF.

Position Paper: Dr. Lou

As our community grows, we will occasionally issue Position Papers on select Bulls-related topics. The first one is on Lou Holtz, the delightfully eccentric father of head football coach Skip Holtz.