Campus Nomads 3: USF Basketball vs. Marist at the Business Administration Building

With the USF SunDome undergoing renovation, our intrepid basketball reporter will follow the South Florida basketball team around the USF campus this season, as the team plays its games in different buildings across the campus. Check back after each home game for updates (hopefully).


Tampa - Victor Rudd had a South Florida season-high 30 points as USF defeated Marist 81-67 at the Business Administration Building.

Marist's defense had a difficult time with USF's offense, especially the screen and roll. The building, affectionately called "The Bunker," has unique architecture, and the Bulls used the building's architecture to confuse the Red Foxes' defense.

"I've been screened by other big dudes before," Marist center Adam Kemp said, "but I've never been screened by a staircase. Those things came out of nowhere."

"How do you game-plan for staircases and landings coming from every angle," asked Marist head coach Chuck Martin. "It was like seven on five out there."

The game was delayed 25 minutes because, like most newcomers to the Business building, the Marist squad got lost.

"This is some serious home-court advantage," said Martin. "The building’s half underground, the halls and stairs go every which-way, and there's grass on the roof.

"I know the building was built during the Cold War, but whatever knucklehead designed it must have thought the apocalypse was coming soon."

USF senior forward Alberto Damour, an international business major, prepped the team with his knowledge of the building's intricacies.

"I'm in this place everyday, so I know all the ins and outs of the place," Damour said. "I've spent four years here, so it's like my home away from home."

"Talking to Alberto really gave me insight into this place," said guard LaVonte Dority, who led the team with five assists. "The building can be intimidating, but I was able to use angles they've never seen before to set us up for easy buckets."

Notes: The games attendance fluctuated between 37 and 245, depending on whether students were moving to classes or not. Among those in attendance were seven protesters from Occupy BSN. BSN is the building's three-letter campus designation.

"The game was a nice respite from the rampant, unbridled capitalism that goes on in this place," said junior Christina Gonzales. She brought a sign to the game that said "We are the 1% . . . of USF students who attend baskeball games."

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