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Stampeding The 2014 USF Football Roster - #62 C David Burdetsky

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Today we meet USF's long snapper.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
#62 C David Burdetsky
Redshirt Junior, 6'1", 226 lbs.

Stats in 2013: Burdetsky saw action in all 12 games as the long snapper. He was on the field during all kicking formations and was instrumental in helping Marvin Kloss on his way to becoming a Lou Groza Award finalist. He also was named to the American Athletic All-Academic team, a feat he accomplished in 2012 (in the Big East) as well.

Spot on 2013 depth chart: Number one, and only, long snapper. 

How did he come to USF: David was a walk-on from Trinity Christian in Jacksonville, where his team won the Class 1A state title in 2010 and he was an all-state offensive lineman.

Recruiting ratings: Was not ranked as far as we know. He created, quite possibly, one of the most entertaining highlight videos ever, though.

Projected playing time in 2014: Baring some kind of major injury, he should be out there for every punt and placekick once again.

Fun fact: His father, Dave, played football for UCF.